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Why choose a Fashion Consultant?

A Fashion Consultant is a paid professional who will advise you on what to wear and how to wear your desired fit for your lifestyle or career goals. We provide services including personal styling, personal shopping, and closet audits. A Fashion Consultant also has a fresh pair of eyes and provides constructive feedback to guide your choices. As well as advising you on which items to wear together.

What is a Personal Shopper?

A Personal Shopper helps you get out of a fashion failure, they also show you items that will help flatter and define your body image. The perk about a Personal Shopper is that they can shop with or without you and can also come to your house to assess your closet.

What's Involved in a Closet Makeover?

( Closet Consultations are typical steps 3-7 )

Step 1: The Assessment Form which, goes over in-depth questions regarding your goals, body type/shape, your style preferences including, the store you like to shop at, as well as your lifestyle in regards to both work and personal life. (This will need to be complete before your first session with any service).

Step 2: The Image consultation will do a brief color and body analysis to determine your most flattering areas and styles. You will receive tips and techniques for choosing the items that work best for you. 

Step 3: The Wardrobe Edit we will go through every item in your closet to see what to keep and donate. We also will discuss apparel that needs to be tailor for a proper fit. ( This is in the package you choose).

Step 4: The Outfit Branding well put together some outfits that work best for your body type. As well as your style based on what you already own. We will take photos of these outfits so you can always refer back to them ( A separate Personal Styling session can be scheduled for this as well or included in one of the packages)

Step 5: The Closet Organization will create an organized system for your wardrobe so you can easily find items and space. ( This is in the package you choose).

Step 6: The Must-Have List items that are needed to complete your wardrobe.

Step 7: A personal shopper is here to help provide guidance, fashion tips, and buying services to our customers while offering knowledge on the best products to purchase, exchange, or return. We can find the items on your shopping list together or solo and bring you the garments that we found.

Note: You will need to book

( style assessment form) first.

Наши услуги

  • Assessments advises clients on clothing, knowledge and recommendations

    1 час

  • A personal shopper provides buying guidance.

    1 час

    Hourly rate $125
  • We're here to help you create the image that you want to present.

    1 час

    Hourly rate $125
  • A combination of all your needs, for a perfect image in a bundle.

    3 часа

    Starting at $495
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